About Good Night Medical

Good Night Medical is proud to be nationally known for its strength and knowledge in the area of sleep medicine and for the substantial expertise represented in its personnel. We make a significant effort to further the practice of sleep medicine and to support evidence-based changes that improve the cost-effectiveness and quality of sleep medicine clinical practice.

Known for high-quality, exceptional care, Good Night Medical's specialized sleep medicine centers provide all the required services needed to diagnose, treat and support patients with sleep disorders. Staffed by board-certified sleep physicians and experts in the field of sleep medicine; most are Harvard Medical School faculty, including pulmonologists, neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists. 

Good Night Medical also formed SleepPartners, a nationwide network of exceptional accredited sleep centers with board-certified sleep specialists and a focus on superior sleep disorder care. The SleepPartners network currently includes over 250 accredited sleep medicine centers in 45 states, Quebec and the District of Columbia. The network is ever-increasing to offer sleep medicine services in every major region in the country.

Good Night Medicals' National Services Group (NSG) manages sleep health and wellness programs on a national basis by working with a network of accredited sleep centers. Many of these centers are members of the SleepPartners network, which is managed by Sleep HealthCenters. Sleep HealthCenters’ National Services Group centralizes patient care coordination, clinical protocols, practice guidelines, technology integration and daily reporting among this network of providers to meet the needs of clients and their patients.

We were the first company in the country to offer an Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program (A-STEP). In addition, Good Night Medical operates a network of sleep research centers, investigating new opportunities in sleep medicine care, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

We directly manage an ACGME sleep medicine fellowship program. As part of our ongoing education with the medical community, Sleep HealthCenters offers a two year Fellowship Program through the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. The Division of Sleep Medicine works to mobilize the intellectual and scientific resources at Harvard to create and sustain groundbreaking programs that will educate the medical and lay populations, impact public policy, foster collaborative research and set new standards of clinical practice.